Presenting The Grand at Baldwin, a cutting-edge mixed-use development meticulously crafted in collaboration with Breslin Realty Development Corp. This well-situated Transit Oriented Development will house 215 apartment units within a beautifully designed structure, offering residents localized upscale living. Complete with convenient on-site covered parking and an extensive array of amenities, every aspect of comfort is given detailed attention.

Adding to its allure, the ground floor will host 5,000 square feet of prime commercial space, providing an ideal setting for businesses to flourish in the heart of Baldwin. With construction scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2024, The Grand heralds a new era for Baldwin’s downtown, sparking the long-awaited revitalization envisioned by the Baldwin Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Prepare to witness the transformation as The Grand emerges as a cornerstone of this vibrant community’s future.